Mitra Infotama Solutions

In September 2011, Mitra Infotama Solutions was formed to focus on on providing training services in IT Technologies, Softskills for IT Management, Brain Management and Human Resources Training.

PT. Mitra Infotama Solutions has a main goal to support businesses with ICT solutions, one that can be counted on to bring innovations and solutions to give you more edge and agility to compete. We are continuously developing our resources in order to build trust and give you the best customer experience.

PT. Mitra Infotama Solutions has the expertise in ICT solutions that corresponding with Network Infrastructure Solution, Telephony & Communication Solution, Business Support Software, and IT Training. Supported by strong strategic partnership with only world class technology partners, we can ensure the best quality in our designs and solutions.

We believe with a perfect synergy between business and technology will give you a step ahead in competition and open a new dimension for your business excellence.