What We Offer

Mitra Infotama Solutions strives to be excellent in ICT Solutions that focus on networking system and IT Training with the best products available. We provide design and application of network solution that best suited your business requirements.

We offer a range of services that meet your requirements at every phase of the IT life cycle – from consultation, implementation, and maintenance of your networking system. We can help you add value to your network infrastructure and optimized it. Combination of our expertise and solutions with the right technology will give you more edge and agility in business.


Network infrastructure is a foundation to all other IT systems and solutions. It’s a bridge that connects all elements of IT. A good network infrastructure have the ability to facilitates all present technologies and manage all of them at the same time. Network technology now even progress to a concept called “borderless” that enable people to work and access resources anytime, anywhere, and on any devices. Borderless concept provides the intelligence and flexibility to overcome the location border, the device border, and the application border. It’s about enhancing productivity, improving operational efficiency, providing high value experiences when dealing with employees, customers, and partners. Network Infrastructure Solution help you win the competition and grow the business by enabling and adapting the new concept with the most current networking technologies supported by a broad range of world known networking equipment brands and technologies.


Instead of using conventional telephony system, you can empower your business with the cutting edge technology of IP telephony. The revolution of communication technologies breaks down the barrier of space and time. It allows you to collaborate at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. IP telephony will deliver you the best user experience on how to communicate with the combination of voice and video on a single infrastructure. The technology focus on the end user and not on the technology itself for it brings you the best communication experience ever. From business perspective, IP telephony will allow you to cut the cost of cable infrastructure and site to site communication because everything now working on a single network infrastructure. Telephony and communication solution enhance the way you communicate.


Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT expenses while still keep efficiency and agility. This is not the solution only for enterprise but also small and midsize business. The problem with architecture of today’s computers is they are designed to run single OS on single server. As a result, even small data centers have to deploy many servers, making it highly inefficient by any standard. Efrat Sinergi Indonesia helps to solve this problem with our virtualization solution. It allows you to run mutilple servers on single physical server. The solution addresses the needs of today’s IT trends that shifting from conventional data centers to virtualized data centers. Virtualization solutions provide you a way to cut CAPEX and OPEX even more by virtualize your data center, increasing efficiency and agility. Partnering with Cisco and VMware, the two leaders in virtualization market, Efrat Sinergi Indonesia ensure the quality of our virtualization solutions.


In order to support the ICT system, there is a need of a small and solid IT team with the right expertise. Mitra Infotama Solutions through one of its product called IT Training will help you develop your resources with IT training that focus on networking area based on Cisco technologies. Cisco is a world known brand for networking products and has been known as the number 1 in innovation and quality. IT Training adapt from Cisco Certification Program that is acknowledged in many countries. Cisco certified engineers is well known to have both the best knowledge and expertise in network technologies and having this kind of resource in your team will ensure you to maximize and keep the availability of your networking system. IT Training provides various Cisco courses ranging from associate to professional levels. We also provide specific customer’s requirement with on-site training. Each course will be updated following the most recent technology.  All courses will be conducted by professional and experienced instructor (CCNP qualified) to ensure the best quality training experience.


Automate your business process with our custom software that we design to meet whatever the requirements. Business Support Software facilitates information flow between all business functions, and manages connections to outside stakeholders. Business Support Software helps you shape your business to become more effective and efficient. It will help you to achieve a better way of information exchange, documentation, and reporting. Automation in business process saves time on how information flow through your organization, makes data retention and retraction become centralize and accurate. In the end Business Support Software will give you additional advantages in business competition.