Virtualization is now a critical component to an overall IT strategy. IT has a constant pressure of reducing costs while providing more. For long years, conventional mainframe dominates the market of computing environment. But over time, with the very fast growth of hardware technologies, this method becomes more and more inefficient. Four trends have come together in just couple of years, moving virtualization to the front and center position:

  • Hardware is underutilized
    It is said that every new generation of computer chip delivers twice as much processing power at the same price. As a result, many machines only utilize 10 or 15 percent of total processing capability. The rest is absolutely unused making it so inefficient.
  • Data centers run out of space
    There can be a very big data stream in one enterprise and the effect is the needs of a huge number of servers. This has been going on for decades. This leads to a space problem in data center. Not only you have to invest on server infrastructure but also on data center space, resulted in skyrocketed cost of IT.
  • Energy cost go through the roof
    Increasing number of servers in a company directly means that power consumption will also be huge, and will go along with the growth of the servers.
  • Big cost on system administration
    Computers don’t operate on their own. Every server requires care by system administrator. With a large number of servers, you will need another investment on people.

With just the four trends mentioned above, it’s obvious that IT has become a cost center. That’s where the virtualization solution comes in. Virtualization solves the problem by enabling several operating systems to run on one physical server. Each self-contained “virtual machine” is isolated from the others, and uses as much of the host’s computing resources as it requires. This architecture redefines your computing equation and delivers:

  • Server consolidation
    As each virtual machine encapsulates an entire machine, many applications and operating systems can be run on single host at the same time.
  • Maximum server utilization, minimum server count
    Virtualization offers the capability to host multiple OSs on a single physical server. With this solution, you can utilize your server capability to the maximum, and at the same time, eliminating the needs to keep build and grow your data center space.
  • Reduce cost
    You can reduce the cost of server infrastructure investment from many servers to only a few or even one physical server. It still offers the same or even more productivity level with much more increase in performance, availability, and agility. Capital and operations expenses can also be cut by half annually.
  • Fast and easy
    Virtualization solution also gives you benefit on operational perspective. Common system administration task (monitoring hardware status, replacing defective components, installing OS, backup, restore, or move VM) can be done in a matter of minutes. All of the tasks can be even run seamless without any impact on other virtual machines.

You can dramatically improve the availability and performance of IT resources with lower operational cost. Virtualization has become key factor that enable the trend where IT is shifting from cost center to strategic business unit. Virtualization solutions are very scalable from small and midsize business to enterprise level. It ensures the productivity and growth of your organization with lower operational cost and lean IT team. Efrat Sinergi Indonesia partners with the leader in virtualization market, VMWare and Cisco, ensure the quality of our virtualization solutions.

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