Telephony & Communication

Telephony & Communication

The information and communication revolution gives us the ability to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime, and pretty much in anyways we wish. It breaks down the separation between space and time. It’s possible to have a system where communication within your organization can be done not only by phone, but on any devices you can think of, connected to the same system. All of these are running on the same infrastructure without any separation. Employees are allowed to work from anywhere and communicate from any device. Imagine you have a virtual team that collaborate on PC, phone, smartphone, and tablet at the same time. It’s a very high value experience you can offer that in the end helps increase productivity and foster growth. Plus because it works on a single network infrastructure, you can even cut the cost of telephone cabling system and calls between headquarter office to branch offices will be free.

At the core of every communication and collaboration system there is a need for a solid, well-developed and proven engine that manages every interaction with users, endpoints, and applications. It must be easy to use platform for configuration, monitoring, and management, for complex deployments are not welcome these days. And from the end user’s viewpoint, it ensures the right type of experience to the right endpoint. Efrat Sinergi Indonesia offers you Telephony and Communication solutions that foster productivity, innovation and growth.

Efrat Telephony and Communication solutions cover:

  • IP PBX for Call Control
  • IP Telephony Endpoint (hardware and software)
  • IP PBX Bundled Router
  • Voice Gateway
  • Video Conference
  • Contact Center
  • Voicemail Server
  • Presence and Instant Messaging
  • Web Meeting

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