Network Infrastructure Solution

Network Infrastructure Solution

Networking technology is consistently shifting to the new concept called borderless network architecture. Now is the time where employees not just sit and work on desk in the office, but rather work from anywhere and at anytime. With very rapid growth of technology, everyone now have access to resources in many ways that we can’t imagine before. Companies are forced and encouraged to facilitate all those technology rather than restrict them, but still need to provide mechanisms to enforce trust. A good network infrastructure will have the role as foundation that facilitates all the technologies. It has to be agile so you won’t have any problems with future development. In addition, like all other facets of IT, infrastructure is expected to provide a return on investment through its ability to quickly and efficiently deliver new services that drive growth. This kind of network infrastructure protects your investments and keeps your business growing.

Efrat Sinergi Indonesia has the expertise to provide you a good corporate network infrastructure. Our full services cover from consult and planning, design, implement, and maintain your network infrastructure. The solutions we created are perfectly suited all your requirements and supported with only the best quality networking products from the best vendors.

Efrat Network Infrastructure Solutions cover:

  • Routing & switching devices for LAN infrastructure
  • Security devices for LAN
  • Standalone or centrally managed wireless
  • IP surveillance camera

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